Sabbath School Ministry
Join one of our child and adult Sabbath school lesson study groups. Every week small groups get together to share what they learned from the lesson. 


Women's Ministry

The purpose of Women's Ministries is to encourage, uphold and challenge women to uplift Jesus, in the Church and in the world, and grow in their relationship with Him. As we grow closer to Him, we want to share Him with our friends, family, and community. Our mission is to nurture, empower and promote outreach, so that women are able to fulfill their God-given potential.


Men's Ministry
The goal of Men's Ministries is to spur on the energy and resources of men for the sake of God, Family, Church and Community.  Men's Ministries seeks to actively aid and encourage men to follow the character of Christ in their lives and to foster stronger connections within each other, as men in the church.


Community Service
Our goal is to help provide for the needs in our community by tending to their immediate care, physical and spiritual nourishment, and encouraging community development to foster a desire for proactive and positive living. 


Health Ministry
From our monthly "Health Nuggets"  to offering seminars on healthy lifestyles and habits, we want to facilitate the path for people to leading their happiest and healthiest lives yet.  Our health and wellness ministry provides a variety of information and resources to encourage healthy living. 


Family Ministry
The goal of the Family Ministries Department is to help grow and strengthen families in their relationship to God and each other.  We provide support and practical training for people through all phases of life and development, including couples, parents and children, and singles.  


Personal Ministry
Each believer should minister 'personally' for Jesus. Our personal ministry group facilitates evangelism and outreach opportunities for you to get involved with.